Betty White, accused of “outing” Cary Grant, has clarified the situation with the help of The bAdvocate: he was only prone to enjoy the “jokes.”

God, I love Hollywood. First of all, who cares, and second of all, can we just recall the scene in The Proposal when Betty White dons a department store poncho and dances around a fire in the woods during the day as a fertility ritual for Sandra B.?

Sigh. I feel so lucky to be alive.

And then there was the recent curfluffle about the pre-historic queer person that some are calling the “gay caveman.”

All of this has thrown fuel on my gaygenda fire to construct a — hopefully kitchy — “fake” queer past. We have a lot of work to do, but I believe if everyone chips in, we can do it…!

I’m only kinda joking.

The fact is that as much as I have absolutely no idea what is going on in my own life half the time, let alone 2500 years ago in someone else’s, it’s fun to think about a “fake” “gay” past. Every Hollywood Golden Era film seemed hell-bent on constructing some kind of queer swords & sandals existence, which inspired so many queer filmmakers of the mid-century, most notably Jack Smith, notoriously obsessed with starlet Maria Montez.

And as much as I might be obsessed with Sandra B., she could use a little anachronism in her career.

San Francisco’s World’s Fair in 1939 was pretty flippin’ gay. Just look at the fabulous brochure courtesy of the Prelinger Library:

I mean, what the hell is that pyramid supposed to be? I don’t care. It’s gorgeous.

And for those fun times after dark during the World’s Fair, there was the “GAYWAY.”

As the brochure says: “This one is big and busy.”

And the Bay Area map in the brochure is stunning. Just look at how blue that water is.

I love how Oakland and San Francisco get banners and Berkeley doesn’t…


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